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Namae Matto desu!
Lost in translation Hey Hey! Now That's Flair!
Signing bottles
Sam BOLS Green Tea Liqueur - Wish we had it here!
Mr. Farmer and Wife Hey Mrs. DJ pon de replay Andy's Drink
Damian Jay doin a speed round Basir on Camera, Part2Productions, Osaka
Kenta John Haggerty - MC Andy & John
Yippee! Congrats! Filming around Japan
Smirf Night, and the blue was EVERYWHERE! Umeda - Sam 4 Nagahori - Sam 5
Japan's shot of choice, JD! Sam & Daves staff love to party! Tepei!
Masato Jay Burrows, Flairco's 1st Ambassador to Japan!
The man behind Sam & Dave's - Andy Walmsley Japan loves to party! hey there!