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Where in the world is DEAN SERNEELS?

As the President of Flairco and original member of the FBA Board of Directors, Dean is constantly on the road. Whether he is doing trainings, trade shows, or shooting for TV, Dean is promoting the art and science of Flair and Mixology. Don't be surprised if he shows up as a guest at YOUR bar.
Quick whipped 28-Jul-2007

 I am about to run off on Family holiday however I need to share this for this months Feature cocktail. I had a great experience with Angus Winchester at Maxxium Canada and some of what I learned is directly related to the August Flairco Ink Feature cocktail.

This months Featured Cocktail includes whipped egg whites. The concept of including eggs in drinks dates back as far as Jerry Thomas including his inclusion of whipped egg whites in a number of recipes in his famous cocktail book the Bon Vivants Companion. I recently accepted an invitaton from the Maxxiums Mixxit trainer Patsy Christie to attend a “Molecular Mixology” training session with a number of Mexico’s elite mixologists at the Maxxium head office in Toronto Canada. Expertly delivered by the incomparable Angus Winchester.


Although I have not had time to experiment with all of the procedures discussed in the program (aside from the smoke cocktail in Julys Flairco Ink) at press time there was one that stood out as extremely important to share in this issue of Flairco Ink. The foam dispensing canister. Fed by a C02 cartridge this canister can prepare ready made whipped egg whites in a nice foam that you can keep in the fridge behind the bar until ready to serve.


Simply separate and stir your fresh egg whites and add them to the canister, A small canister should hold 6 whites or more. Add the CO2 cartridge and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. You are then ready to go. We will share flavored foams with you in a later edition of Flairco Ink once we have had some time to play with new recipes and can offer something original to you.


Prior to this training the Feature cocktail of the month was one of those really neat drinks you might make once in a while. We take pride in being able to share with you the extremes of flair and the cutting edges of mixolgy however when we can deliver them to you in a way that you can use them to create sales and profit behind your bar. Our job is done even more completely


To make this months Feature cocktail a profitable venture behind your bar simply prepare enough Coffee syrup to make the number of cocktails you would like to feature in a night. Remember it is OK to run out of Feature cocktails. Running out of something that you do not offer everyday can increase the demand. Prepare your egg white foam and you can pull this drink together as quickly as any other. Gone are the days of mixing egg whites by hand for 20 minutes before you make a drink.


Are you afraid to sell fresh eggs due to health reasons? Angus concludes that many bars still use fresh eggs based on these principles.

 Alcohol will act as a sterilizing agent and kill off all harm full bacteria. Be sure to always mix a 40% spirit. 

Of the already extremly small numbers of Salmonella poisoning reported each year they primarily effect the very young and very old. Neither of which should be drinking in your bar.  Angus’ delivery of these points is quite funny.


If I can take from the roller coaster industry statistics. You are 5,000,000 times more likely to get injured on the way to the roller coaster than by riding the roller coaster. I am sure there is a similar statistic here.


The foam dispensing canisters are now available (or soon will be) in the Flairco Products pages. Have fun experimenting. We are looking forward to sharing more great recipes with you in the future. I have some very exciting ideas to experiment with.

Off to take the kids fishing and leave my cell phone at home. See you all soon.


Busy Summer 24-Jul-2007

Hello all.

After a great training week in June and the 1st of two summer vacations finished the summer of 07 is beefing up. With the next Arts and Sciences program on Aug 13 shaping up and the Quest Camp starting to attract a ton of attention August promises to be quite busy. There is also a 90% chance I will be training a major casino in th enext two months as well. I will post it when the deal is closed. Very much looking forward ot this opportunity.

If you are interested in the August Arts and Science Program please contact me asap as spots are filling up. training@flairco.com for more details.

Hope to be back soon. The new August Newsletter is on its way as well.



Colborne Lane 13-Jul-2007

I have to say I was blown away by Billy Melnyck's (Hope I got the spelling) restaurant selection in Toronto last night. Colborne Lane is a restaurant on. Wait for it.... Colborne Lane. Number 45 to be exact. One block north of Front left off of Church.

Phillippe Hammon from Montreal was in for business with Billy from Bacardi Canada. Phil extended a dinner invitation to me and I was more than happy to say yes.

Dinner at Colborne lane started out with Ginger Mojitos and a great Cuba Libra with half a lime squeezed and plenty of Bacardi and coke. The way it was intended.

This experience was my first taste of Molecular Mixology. The first indication was the soy sauce with my Tuna was frozen and piled on my plate. Hit with Liquid Nitrogen.

Secondly 3 cocktails were presented. Two of which had foams on them.  One was a Pineapple juice foam presented from a CO2 loaded whipped cream dispenser. The 3rd cocktail had Bacardi Limon floating in the drink as the ice cube. Yes the shot had been dropped into the Liquid Nitrogen and frozen. The drink was fantastic however the presentation was better.  Talk about flair. Molecular Mixology could be the new flair.

The climax of the night came when a cauldron of liquid nitrogen was placed on the table. Imagine the frozen mist from the bowl cascading over the edges and along the table interweaving though wine glasses. The server then poured fresh cream into the bowl and you could hear crackling and bubbling as the cream literally turned to ice before our ice. In a few minutes we are all eating ice cream that had just been made at our table. 

Incredible dinner, drinks and experience from the crew at Colborne Lane. Kudos to Robin Kemp and Claudio the chef for one of the best industry experiences I have had in 18 years. Also thanks to Billy our host, Helen and Francine for great conversations and to Phil for extending the invitation.

Cheers to you all. You can be sure that the coming months will see some of these Mixology tricks in the drinks and videos as the Drink of the Month. I promise to use Bacardi just for Billy.

416.368.9009 www.colbornelane.com. 45 Colborne Lane Toronto Ontario. Tell them Dean sent you and you saw it at www.flairco.com. When they say WHO? and WHAT? Tell them it is one of those cheesy flair sites. LOL inside joke eh Billy! Thanks again.



Up and running 06-Jul-2007


What a great class that just went through the Arts and Sciences 1st degree. I have out lined each day of fun in the below blogs. Now that we have secured a new and absolutely fantastic venue in the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls we are looking to jam in as much training as there are people to fill them. Our next Arts and Sciences class is already filling up for Aug 13th - 16th. Call 1-877-863-5247 and speak with Chris or email training@flairco.com .

I am very much looking forward to the Quest Camp as well. Five students will be selected from entrants to the amateur division of the FBA Quest comp in October. This Boot Camp style training is going to be fantastic. Very, very tough, yet fantastic. Anyone graduating from the Flairco Camp will be ready to make the most of their practice time and for the stage.

Have a flair safe July. I am off on family vacation as well training for my own shows.



Cocktail Evolution 02-Jul-2007

Let’s examine the evolution of a cocktail for a moment.

From the birth of a cocktail to the final noted recipe there can be many variations brought on by time and by the influence of many other bartenders. The Cosmopolitan for example was invented in California by a bartender that included Absolut Vodka, Triple Sec and Lime Cordial with Cranberry juice. Dale Degroff got a hold of the drink and evolved it to Absolut Citron, Cointreau, Fresh Lime juice and a dash of cranberry.

My original Kentucky Villa was Jim Beam White and Bols Vanilla Liqueur. Now watch as the detailed evolution of cocktails brings on a cousin in the Maple Villa.

1 oz Jim Beam White 1/2 oz Bols Vanilla Liqueur

 The not readily available Vanilla Liqueur is replaced by Galliano Vanilla liqueur

1 oz Jim Beam White 1/2 oz Galliano gently stirred.

Matt Jones adds in Angostura Bitters and a dash of Simple Syrup

1 oz Jim Beam White 1/2 oz Galliano, dash of Angostura bitters and a dash of simple syrup.

A Flamed Orange Zest is now added to complete the cocktail. Great at each evolution yet now a great looking and tasting cocktail based on the Classic cocktail formula.

Beer and Cocktail Show - Jim Beam does not sponsor the show. Canadian Club does. With this I needed a variation. CC- Galliano. A dash of Maple syrup replaces the bitters and syrup to give me great reason to call it the Maple Villa.  

Now one of my favorite drinks.

Patsy Christie from Maxxiums, Mixxit program comes along and suggests Bacon as a garnish. Please see the upcoming photos of the NEW Maple Villa on the photo gallery pages.

1 oz Canadian Club Whiskey

1/2 oz Galliano

Stir and strain over fresh ice

1 slice of crispy cooked and padded bacon dipped into Maple Syrup.

Stir drink with Bacon and release into the drink.

Evolution complete?

No- I will likely add a flamed orange zest to this one as well.

Now onto Cognac for the Ville De Cognac.

Till then





D 4 - The Kid wins 28-Jun-2007

Paper work paper work paper work.

Test, test, test. This is a tough day for anyone that was not playing along all week. The Flairco Bar Exam is set up with 5 stations including a written test that covers some of the material from the week. Station one is a Speed round, then onto a pour test. (Jay Burrows hits 5 out of 5 pours on the upcoming video of the program and testing.)

Then onto a Flair round with a Showmanship and Magic test as well.

Enter the story of Dale "The Kid" Kerpan. A young and spry bartender. In his own words "Young and Invincible". Perhaps I am an old jaded bartender with too many years behind me. However the aggressive wit of this young man became an issue of entertainment for many of us over the week.

In a room FULL of veteran silver tongued bartenders this young gent attempted to send verbal darts around the room. With myself as the most vocal of targets his attacks were usually in my direction.

My 18 years on the wood and many years of emceeing and doing magic have met with some serious hecklers. I have studied responses and have a very sharp reaction time to such attacks. Dale took it like a champ yet did not ease up on his assault. I think he just wanted to here what I would come up with next to deflect his verbal bullets.

At the end of the Day 4. Dales was the last to do the tests. Through a series of calculated actions, and pre meditated positioning Dale carried out the most astonishing feat of "Burn the Dean" I have ever encountered. In one action Dale summed up all of the fun at his expense that the class was having and delivered one fatal blow to me and all of my sarcastic remarks. He had calculated my response to his French Drop illusion and released a devastating "I got yah" that brought me to the "I'm not worthy" position and the rest of the class to its feet.

I can not accurately replay the moment in this medium however full Kudos out to Dale Kerpan the Flairco Arts and Sciences Pick of the week.   

Please look for more details of the week in the upcoming Flairco Ink and check out next program dates.





D3 - Bacon Garnish 27-Jun-2007


The Maple Villa

Patsy approached me early in the week and had said she was looking for a way to use Bacon as a garnish. Yup, Bacon. I looked at Jay Burrows who has been drinking my Kentucky Villas for a few years now and our eyes met the same excitement. The Villa.

Today was to be the day that the Maple Villa would finally come into its own.

Let me first set the scene by explaining that Day 3 is about exploring possibilities. We start off the day with our tests and some exhibition flair routines but move the 2nd half of the day to the Field trip to the grocery store and then into the lab at my house to invent. With over 130 bottles and flavours of spirits to chose from the class must invent their own cocktail. 

After a great afternoon of invention Erica now named Flair-ica stood out to be the winner of the Flairco bottle opener of the day with her concoction called India House. Named after the Melon Chutney salsa she used as a secret ingredient.

Then it is a BYOM party. Bring Your Own MEAT. My wife Barb sparks up the BARBIE Q and everyone offers up some kind of meat to cook up for the clan. We throw in some veggies and salad and we enjoy an after noon of flipping in the back yard.

 Another Great day as we head into day 4

My next Blog will detail the evolution of a drink recipe.

C ya then 

D2-Coktial Manu 26-Jun-2007



Day 2 got started with some more get to know you flair drills and then we marched into a day of lectures  and tasting. We travel around the world discussing Whisk(E)y, We get kicked off the ship at Plymouth rock and we discover the story behind the Real McCoy. Truth, Folklore or myth the stories are fun none the less. The Whiskey tasting provided by Makers Mark is the highlight. From the strong to weak and sweet traveling around the Taste Axis grid is always full of adventure.

We ended this day by touring the Falls. I have some great video of the group at the base of the mighty Niagara. I am pleased my camera still works after surviving the tropical storm like conditions there. A wild ride up the hill had all of the passengers of the 5 mph train doing the wave and screaming with excitement. I give full credit to Patsy for this one.

Dinner at the Sheraton would prove to be a very interesting experience for the crew. Not only was our service inconsistent I was amazed to find out that the table ordered dinner in thirds. This means three people ordered, then three more, then three more. "Does anyone else want to eat dinner?" would have saved this server a lot of work.

I enjoyed watching the group taste the drinks and pass them around. Everything was ,"Good". "This one is OK". I opened up and ridiculed one drink and then the gloves were off. What was once an OK cocktail menu now began to open up some flaws. The students were now able to really appreciate the flavours of the drinks. They could now offer solutions to correcting the tastes as well.

The biggest flaw of all was the menu.

I was told Diageo had created the cocktail menu. This menu is so full of spelling errors and typos it looks like my 6 year old wrote it. Caco liqeuer, Frangelic are just a couple of the over 15 mistakes we encountered. The worst error. The spelling of Sheraton- Shaeraton. The company name was spelled incorrectly.

C ya tomorrow




Day 1 Intros 25-Jun-2007


Day 1

We have a great group from all over the place this round.

Jay is back from Japan for a few months and wants to go back with more.

Troy wants to explore bartending as a career, Dale (THE KID) is looking to become more than young and invincible, Torie and Dana are going to show up the competition in Welland. I am sure Justin will be calling looking for the next program once this dynamic duo show him up on the bar. Patsy and Scott are along for the ride. Scott has never bartended however he works for Flairco and gets a free pass.

Karl is in from Orlando and has the best spin to a pose pour I have ever seen. Fl-Erica (Flairica) has traveled in from California and will go back as a special event bartender that will be sought after by the stars. After she raises her prices!

Dale, Troy, Erica, Kale and myself had some fun running around the Niagara Midway last night. Eats and drinks at Boston pizza were good but my highlight was dancing with Karl. OK . There was this midway thing with an arcade and then well we were dancing and laughing, Erica and Troy we video taping and well then Dale jumped in.... ah this sounds horrible You had to be there.

Looking forward to day 2.

Newsletter 07-Jun-2007

Our long long long awaited newsletter has finally gone out.  This project took a ton of effort from everyone and I am really proud of it. The newsletter comes with great updates to the website as well. The cocktail of the month, the bartender of the month, there is a trick of the month coming in the next issue. Also do not miss the opportunity to join me in Niagara Falls for the Arts and Sciences program. Tons of flipping, tons of tasting and perhaps even a little magic and drinking.

If you did not get the newsletter please sign up today to recieve next months Flairco Ink.



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