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You can now register your Original Flairco Bottle purchase here.

As the inventors of the first flair practice bottle, Flairco is proud to stand behind our products and we would like to thank you for your purchase.  Our commitment to the quality of our products and services is what has helped Flairco become an industry leader in performance bartending since 1997.  Every Flairco bottle goes through no less than ten quality control tests and procedures.  It is this attention to detail that lets us extend to you our Flairco Lifetime Value Guarantee.

Flairco bottles have been designed to be shatterproof, not unbreakable.  In the course of normal extreme use, a Flairco bottle will out perform any other practice bottle.  However, certain circumstances can increase the likelihood of damage.  Such circumstances can include excessive dropping in extremely warm or cold temperatures, over solid concrete or steel.

If at any time your Flairco bottle becomes unuseable and you do not feel that you received full value for your purchase price, we will replace your Flairco bottle.  You will need to provide an accurate account of how the bottle was damaged, along with pictures of the bottle itself.  Your Flairco bottle will then be replaced through your point of sale or the closest local distributor of our products.

Thank you for your continued support.

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