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As the concept of flair bartending continues to grow, Flairco has established itself as an international industry leader with innovative new products, training and events.  The Flairco bottle is now the training tool of choice for bartenders in over 100 countries worldwide and is the only practice bottle endorsed by the Flair Bartenders Association (FBA).  To meet the demand for flair related products, Flairco has established a network of local distributors that now spans over 25 countries. 
We are always interested in forming new business relationships and entering new markets.  Due to the unique nature of our products, we deal with a variety of different types of companies and have no restriction on who can sell our products.  As a company policy, we do not offer exclusive territories for our distributors and our pricing policies are based solely on volume.  The minimum order to receive pricing discounts is 25 Flairco practice bottles or 10 Flairco training DVDs.  As well, we require payment prior to shipment for all orders.
We strive to work together with all of our distributors and customers to help them build their business through the sales of our products.  Our goal is to provide affordable local sources for our products to bartenders around the world.