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Team Building and Interactive Group Seminars

Flairco offers a variety of different entertaining and educational seminars.  Whether you have a team from work, or a group of friends at home, we have  a seminar  for you.

Bartending Arts & Sciences / Cocktails from the Kitchen

Learn about the evolution of the cocktail and sample various classic recipes that have evolved through the ages.  Let your palate be the judge as you create your own gourmet cocktails using fresh ingredients and sexy garnishes.  Not only will we showcase the latest trends in recipes and techniques, but we will also teach you how to do it with a bit of “flair”!

This seminar is packed with fun and interactive activities, which will bring your group together as they create, taste test and name their own cocktails.  These cocktails will be showcased to the group as a whole and judged by their peers to determine who created the best drink!  

The Martini

The Martini is the quintessential standard to which all other cocktails are judged.  Learn what makes the Martini the epitome of cocktail perfection and how is it the only cocktail to jump from drink to international icon.  Ever wonder what makes a really good Martini? Olive or lemon, dry or dirty, let your group taste test and decide for themselves.  This fun and insightful seminar explores the 160 year old tradition that is the Martini.   



Juggling 101

The "I could never do that" members of your group will have an adrenaline rush of accomplishment as they come together in this introductory and fun approach to juggling. Participants will learn to juggle three items in the first half hour of the seminar, then rotate through smaller groups as they learn how to manipulate different props using these skills.  This seminar is a prerequisite for anyone looking to run away and join the circus!