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Bottle Testimonials

The following testimonial article is from Flairbar.com, the official online magazine of the FBA. It is a comparison of a variety of different plastic bottles, including an original Flairco practice bottle. It shouldn't be a great surprise that the Flairco bottle came out on top. Of particular interest is the video of a Flairco bottle being used to break the other plastic bottles.

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Company Testimonials

The following testimonials and comments were collected from our customers.  You might recognize some of the names.  When your products are the training tool of choice for bartenders in over 100 countries worldwide, you get to deal with the biggest names in flair.

It is always a joy to find a company that sells the highest-quality tools in an industry that is saturated with junk designed by marketing departments, instead of bartenders.  It is also a joy when you find a company that consistently delivers stellar customer service. Flairco is one of the few companies in this industry that does both.  When it comes to Flair Bottles, they are the original and the best.  Buying anything but an authentic Flairco is just plain dumb.
Tobin Ellis - Barmagic of Las Vegas

Flairco make the unquestioned best flair practice bottles and mobile practice bars in the world - but that's not why I've dealt with them for almost a decade. It's because I know Flairco understand what I need and will help me achieve it.  Working with Flairco is a pleasure because they understand the world of bar and bartenders like few others, and because they'll always go the extra mile to deliver the excellence they are famed for.
Philip Duff - Liquid Solutions, The Netherlands

Over the last decade the art of Flair Bartending has blossomed. The level of skill and difficulty has advanced exponentially while the sport has attracted more newcomers than ever before. The invention of the Flairco practice bottle is 100% responsible for the acceleration of this art. In short... if you want to learn Flair, buy a Flairco.
Rick Barcode - The Red Room, Las Vegas

When you say Flairco, you are talking about quality and support for the sport.
Christian Delpech - www.christiandelpech.com

I've been using Flairco products since day one, and I am very very happy with the results!  I always believed that you only need two things to improve your flair, the Flairco bottle and lots of practice.
The Flairco bottle is obviously the only professional flair bottle in the market and it keeps getting better.  I strongly recommend Flairco products to anyone who wants to get started in flair, or just simply get better!
Adriano Marcellino - Roadhouse, London

Each time I deal with Flairco, I know I will have a quality experience.  They reflect the same customer service as the flair bartenders they represent - Flairco is a world class brand and a pleasure to do business with.
Mike Michelini - New York Bar Store

Our company has used Flairco portable bars on the road for 7 years now!  For me it is simply the best bartending tool around.  When it comes down to pumping out drinks the Flairco bars are unbeatable. We can do a 400 people cocktail catering with just one van as the bars don’t take much space and weight.
Robin Weiss - Speed Bartending, Germany

Never in the past 5 years dealing with your company has Flairco ever failed to deliver. All enquiries & orders are handled with speed, efficiency and dedication. Great work guys!
Vincent Hong - Barworks, Singapore

Flairco produces the most realistic and durable product on the market, I wouldn't use any other practice bottle.
Chuck McIntosh - Bottleslinger, Vancouver

Just wanted to send along a note to congratulate you on introducing the new Lifetime Value Guarantee for your Flair Bottles.  The way you stand behind your products makes it easy for us to recommend Flairco products.
Martin Schlamberger - Flying Cangaroo, Austria

Flairco is one of the best in the business.  Flairco is the company I go to anytime I need to purchase practice bottles, when organizing a competition or when just in need of some advice/ideas when hosting or participating in an event.  Flairco is a true leader in the industry and one of the few companies that provides a direction for the industry to move in, not just a follower.  With a plethora of useful products including but not limited to videos, bottles and bars, they are truly invaluable.  Cheers to Flairco!
Chris Cardone - Bartenders Academy of New York

Dealing the Flairco products helps us to improve our relationship with our customers, being excellent quality products they are easy to sell and satisfaction is guaranteed. Also their assistance makes all the difference when you need help.
Enrico Meloni - Bare SP Bartenders, Brazil