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Flairco Beat Up Bottle Contest

Flairco bottles are known to be practically indestructible. After years of flipping bottles, we've heard some pretty incredible stories about the durability of our products. With our Flairco Beat Up Bottle contest, we asked the bartenders of the world to send us pictures of their most used, abused and beat up Flairco bottles that they still used to practice with. In conjunction with our new Flairco Lifetime Value Guarantee, we are out to prove that Flairco bottles are still the most durable practice bottles available the best investment a flair bartender can make!

The results are in!

Congratulations to Kip Powers of Buford, Georgia for submitting his “beat up” 1L Flairco bottle.  For his efforts, Kip has won a $500.00 Gift Certificate from our Flairco BarStore.  As can been seen from the picture below, Kip has used his Flairco bottle for many, many years.  A former competitive flair bartender, Kip is known for his incredibly entertaining specialty rounds and his outrageous sense of humour.

Special mention goes out to Rob Husted of Flairbar.com for his two submissions, including the actual Flairco bottle used to break the other imitation practice bottles in the “My bottle beats your bottle” article.